I'd never leaf you.

I don't quite recall where we met. However, I do remember exactly how you made me feel. When first laying eyes on you, it felt as if we were the only two in the room.  Examining every inch of you, I grasped you tightly,  brought you near to me, and caressed you slowly. You felt so soft in my hands. I began slipping you over my head, arms deep in your sleeves. You embraced my body. I had to turn around to see how the future would be with you. When looking into the mirror, I was inspired.  Complimenting me with your style, patterns, and color, I felt untouchable. 
To many this may sound like a romance novel.... but for me this was when I fell in love with fashion. It was a love like none that I've ever felt before. An unconditional love.  It was almost 4 years ago when I stood in that dressing room, looked myself in the mirror, and decided that I would open an online shop known as Livintage Apparel. It was something that I had never thought I'd do. I was actually scared to de…